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Groom Marth t

Groom Marth t


Here comes the groom!

So, I've been following Festive FatesFanboy's 'Revenge On The Tier List' project for a while now and was always intrigued by how they managed to make good ...

ChatNice ...

Groom Marth & Bride Caeda Cards Revealed For Fire Emblem Cipher | NintendoSoup

EDIT: Bonus: Marth x Caeda Wedding

GROOM MARTH IS REAL! Plus New Bridal Units! Fire Emblem Heroes Bridal Bloom Banner Reveal Reaction

... @FE_Heroes_JP @FEHeroes_News @FEHeroes_ES Fire Emblem Heroes Ishtar, Groom Marth and Bridal Caeda. Calendar for June 2018… https://t.co/3fXZrAAzvZ"

Is groom marth holding a shovel, spoon or a frying pan | Fire Emblem Amino

Caeda & Groom!Marth Parallels & Shared Voice Lines

Welcome to Reddit,

Fire Emblem Heroes: Groom Marth Raw Strength! + Build


Fire Emblem Heroes - Bridal Bloom

#FEHeroes #feh #fireemblemheroes

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... @FE_Heroes_JP @FEHeroes_News @FEHeroes_ES Fire Emblem Heroes Ishtar, Groom Marth and Bridal Caeda. Calendar for June 2018… https://t.co/3fXZrAAzvZ"

How To Build: Marth - Altean Groom! Sample Builds For All Game Modes!

A stroll in arena with Groom marth and the blue bois - Fire emblem heroes arena showcase

It finally happened, our first groom is free and it's Marth.

Groom Marth

Groom Marth is Kawaii. Also... DAYUUUM BRIDE THARJA! Fire Emblem Heroes Bridal Bloom Stats Revealed

... after seeing groom Marth, I really wanted to draw a groom Gaius. So, I did. #FireEmblenHeroes #FEH #fireemblem #Gaius… https://t.co/EKxDZXOvXm"


Yo INTYS where's my groom Marth for Valentine's ...

I'm so excited for Groom Marth

Fan Art (OC)Comic ...

Can't wait for Groom Marth's art to be released! Feel free to use! Retweets appreciated! #Ninian #Sanaki #Tharja #sofedits #FEHeroes… ...

Groom Marth X Bride Caeda (Fire Emblem Warriors)

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u/soulignis "I'm sorry." HO DOESNT? 19 A horrible

... Speed +3 and Groom Marth died by Fallen Takumi. So, I put Reinhardt with Goad Cavalry and it works! He is survived with 1 HP.pic.twitter.com/FJEyLPOKS1

Memeh on Twitter: "Bride!Caeda x Groom!Marth 💜💙 #FEHeroes #fanart #キスの日… "

Fire Emblem Warriors Gameplay with Marth Bridegroom

[Fire Emblem: Heroes] Groom Marth Confession | Level 40 Dialogue

Linde, Navarre, and Minerva join the fray.

Fan ArtFire Emblem Heroes: 3 Grooms and a Goof ...

Oneirio @Commissions! no Twitter: "The fire emblem heroes groom banner we deserved but did not get… "

Alternate DLC costumes for Caeda (bride), Marth (groom), Tiki (colored dress), and Lyn (swordmaster) #FireEmblemWarriors #FEWarriors ...

It's taken about a month, but I finally finished my amigurumi groom Marth to go with Caeda! : FireEmblemHeroes

If you didn't know, Ephraim literally is my favorite character (Husbando) and right after that Ike. I always wanted a freaking Groom banner for Heroes.

Can't wait for Groom Marth's art to be released! Feel free to use! Retweets appreciated! #Ninian #Sanaki #Tharja #sofedits #FEHeroes… ...

ArtThe Groom has finally arrived ...

I don't have a Bridal Caeda to match Groom Marth unfortunately but I'm ready to wed these two!


Can't spell Altean without Alt!

Fire ...

[FEH] Skillset & Animation for Marth: Altean Groom

7:00 AM - 26 May 2018

Groom Marth + Flier Formation & Spd Smoke Sacred Seals | Tempest Trials+: Loki's Flames Rewards

How about u guys ?

While Marth have more speed,Alfonse have more http://attack.So if you dont have spring alfonse,Grab groom marth while you can for a powerful axe ...

Fan Art (OC)You've seen groom and legendary Marth, now get ready for: crochet Girl Marth ...

Unit ShowcaseSpecial Spiral L!Marth ...

Groom Marth + Marth moments

HumorHardin just wanted Marth to be his groom in FE3/FE12 ...

She's pretty upset since he doesn't get much recognition in FEH tho. So I gotta take this chance to join @fecompendium's challenge.

Wanini Preview of Marth & Caeda for the fanbook Delices! I was honestly happy that

12:39 AM - 8 Feb 2018

Lu @ Gaius is still best 🍬 🍭

5:33 AM - 18 May 2018

-Groom Marth Final WIP for tonight ( ´・ω・)/ #FEヒーローズ #Feheroes #Wip #fanartpic.twitter.com/lmBda17T4N

Bless Groom Marth and Yuri Lowenthal's gentle yet awkward performance

Fire Emblem Heroes - Lets Talk Brides (And Groom Marth for 1 Second)

I'm so hype for Groom Marth that I can barely contain it WHY IS

... for Caeda (bride), Marth (groom), Tiki (colored dress), and Lyn (swordmaster) #FireEmblemWarriors #FEWarriors #FireEmblem… https://t .co/IH1yFvaBWk"

Unit ShowcaseSo many +10 Roys today. Naturally, I decided to post my own +10... Marth.

Ariq ze gamer

Mii Maker How to Create Groom Marth From Fire Emblem Shadow Dragons

Groom Arthur edit cause I don't feel like actually drawing(besides his face) : FireEmblemHeroes

12:39 AM - 8 Feb 2018

groom marth is so fuckin precious

[Groom Marth build showcase] : FireEmblemHeroes

For more details on the new summonable units and their skills, click Read More (No details are out on Marth yet, aside from his sprite).

Altean groom-Marth

I tested wearing the groom Marth cosplay @blackrattles made for me and I absolutely love

Groom Marth & Bride Caeda Cipher Promo Text-Free Art by Rika Suzuki! : FireEmblemHeroes

Groom Marth baby • • • • #metrocon #metrocon2018 #metroconfl #marth #

Sorry I've been kinda absent today I'm staying up till 2 am

Humormarth- a story of neglect and despair ...


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Life in the Askran Castle

Heres a tiny sneak peek of the groom Marth cosplay that blackrattles made for me.

NewsMarth Alt!!! ...

Groom Marth by IceCreamLink

Marth and Caeda!!💙

Groom Marth

Orrrr, Marth: Who are you? Groom Marth: I'm you, but I banged Caeda better. TbhI'mJustCryingFromHowBeautifulMarthIsNow