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Prime Prowess Gold CGordonsPaparazzi in 2019 t

Prime Prowess Gold CGordonsPaparazzi in 2019 t


Prime Prowess - Gold | CGordonsPaparazzi in 2019 | Paparazzi jewelry, Paparazzi accessories, Jewelry.

Love Doves - Silver

Stratosphere Shimmer - Brass

City Couture - Brass

Canyon Collection - Orange

Love Doves - Blue

Life Of The Block Party

Globetrotter Goals - Green

Victorian Romance - Brass

Garden Groove - Silver

Weekday Wedding - Pink

Total Tranquility - Blue

$5 Paparazzi Jewelry - GEO Down In History - Brass Chainlink Style Necklace with Free Matching

Urban Retreat - Copper

Take Me To The River - Silver & Turquoise Necklace with Free Matching Earrings -

Quite Quintessence - Pink

Pampered In Pearls - Blue

Heartbeat Retreat - Pink

Treasury Fund - Pink

Paparazzi Jewelry, Paparazzi Accessories, Lanyard Necklace, Fashion Group, Affordable Jewelry, Silver

Tango Tempest - Silver & Purple Necklace -Paparazzi Jewelry - $5 Purple Necklace, Paparazzi

Disco Drama - White

$5 Paparazzi Jewelry -Hopelessly Houston - Pink Dangle Earrings Fish Hook Earrings, Pink Earrings

Wistfully Whimsical - Brass

SCARFed for Attention - Gold Blockbuster Necklace with Free Matching Earrings Paparazzi Jewelry, Paparazzi Accessories

Victorian Valor - Rose Gold

January 2019 Fashion Fix: Magnificent Musings - Complete Trend Blend

Metal Manic - Rose Gold

A Silver Spell Item #P2ED-SVXX-003XX Large silver links and shimmering textured

Ballroom Belle - Brown

HEART Me Out! - Copper

Westminster Waltz - Brown

Poshly Princess - Pink Post

Paparazzi Accessories

Picture of Definitely Duchess - Red

Modernly Mayan - Silver

Picture of If You Dare - Silver Dares, Silver Choker, Affordable Jewelry, Chokers

It Takes Heart - Green

Metal Mecca - Black

Picture of Treasure Chest Charm - White

GLITZY BY ASSOCIATION - BLACK BLOCKBUSTER - $5.00 Black Earrings, Hoop Earrings, Black Rhinestone

Crown Coronation