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Voltron season 8 allura new desing voltron t

Voltron season 8 allura new desing voltron t


'Voltron' Executive Producers Address Season 7, Shiro's Grief, And Allura's Growth

A brief history of LGBTQ depictions in animation, and how the final season of Voltron failed queer fans.

JDS: And as an audience we get clued in just like she does. We're seeing sides to Lance because of this new dynamic that she is as well, so hopefully ...

The Legendary Defender will be needed once more when Voltron Season 5 arrives.

As for the rest of the crew, with the Castleship gone–sacrificed to the Quintessence field during the battle with Lotor–the Lions have to do recharge before ...

*these leaks are real; confirmed* Form Voltron, Voltron Klance, Voltron Ships

If more exclusives are your thing, you'll be able to get several other con-exclusive Voltron things by hitting the convention floor.

Pidge Creates The New Defenders


... that the real Shiro was trapped on the Astral Plane, Allura managed to transplant him back into the body of the clone that has been with Team Voltron ...

The five paladins of Voltron in Netflix's Voltron: Legendary Defender series. Netflix

Voltron: ...

Crossing the event horizon takes them all to a strange realm which Allura describes as the "connected consciousness of all existence.

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Voltron: Legendary Defender season 8!

He's in both pictures with the paladins in front of Allura's statue, both when they are young and when they are older…

Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 7 will premiere ...



Voltron Series Finale Explained: Could We See Voltron Season 9? | Collider

In Season 3 of Netflix's “Voltron: Legendary Defender,” Princess Allura becomes a major part of the Voltron force. (Netflix)

DreamWorks Unveils 'Voltron' Final Season Teaser at NYCC | Animation Magazine

Miscellaneous Aliens

Allura (Legendary Defender)/Gallery | Voltron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

If you want to avoid spoilers of any kind, this is the time to turn away. I won't spoil the episode, but there will be other things discussed. Fair warning.

At one point, the EPs mentioned a version of s7 where Shiro went back to being Black Paladin. I hypothesize that was the original version.

While there is sure to be controversy over the decision to kill off Allura, the future shown for Shiro will likely receive even more backlash.

Recently, Voltron: Legendary Defender executive ...

Post-Season 6 Recap with Joaquim Dos Santos & Lauren Montgomery. Voltron ...


The paladins of Voltron, not the robot lions they pilot to form the robot defender, are the primary focus of the new season of “Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Monsters & Mana: Join the Quest | VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER

Coran and Allura Learn the History of Milkshakes in This Hilarious Voltron Season 4 Clip


Shiro Voltron Legendary Defender Season 8 Episode 13 Shiro wedding

Voltron season 8 lance and allura new look

We are so happy to announce Form Podcast, the official Voltron commentary podcast. In each episode, I take listeners through an audio commentary of each ...

The Rise of Voltron


11. Trial by Fire

... of course, we're huge fans of Macross and the SDF-1, the most giant battleship of all. So, in a way, it's our little homage. We had an original design ...

So I came up with this, which mixes those designs and a little bit of 80s Keith. All while using the color palette of the usual hot headed leader we all ...

VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER Showrunners On New Season, The New Legend... & LOTOR?!

Final Season of DreamWorks 'Voltron Legendary Defender' Launches Today on Netflix

The Paladin's Handbook: Official Guidebook of Voltron Legendary Defender: R. J. Cregg, Style Guide: 9781534409033: Amazon.com: Books

Personally I found it hard to decide wether I should review the time paradoxes that is Voltron Legendary Defender: Seaosn 8, or the time paradoxes brought ...

8. Clear Day

Voltron season 3!!!! I cant even pretend that I'm not

5. The Grudge


10. Knights of Light, Part 2

May the 4th be with you - Allura with Leia hairstyle (twitter 5.4.2017

4. The Colony


Voltron Legendary Defender After Show

Season 8, Princess Allura, Shiro, Cats, Gatos, Cat, Kitty Cats


VOLTRON Returns to SDCC to Premiere Season 7 (Exclusive)

Amazon.com: Allura's Story (Voltron Legendary Defender) (9781534430341): Cala Spinner, Patrick Spaziante: Books



Voltron season 6 was SO GOOD!! This guy was awesome, I couldn't not draw him.

Page 3 of 3: The Future of Each Paladin Explained

... Allura) and Rhys Darby (Coran). Additional voices include Ana Gasteyer (Krolia), Mimi Davila (Romelle), Dave Coulier (Bii Boh Bi), Neil Kaplan (Zarkon), ...

News of a new Lion being found on Earth was spread throughout the universe. Which made the five Voltron Paladins, Princess Allura, and Coran visit Earth.

Slide 1 of 6Creating Shiro's LGBTQ Backstory voltron


I feel like Lance was depressed and Allura was overly-pessimistic in season 8, even if not together. I mean, I know Allura is worried over her people and ...

Voltron: Legendary Defender 'fan' blackmails studio to make a gay ship canon on the show | SYFY WIRE

8. The Last Stand, Part 2

Overall, Voltron season 8 turned out to be a shocker for me. The season truly did started out strong with the first 5 episodes.


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Voltron - Welcome Home

LAUNCH DATE - Voltron: Legendary Defenders Season 8 Episode 1 - Zamber React

I didn't know how much I could cry until season 8 dropped aha,,,anyway have this

Voltron Vlogs: Allura

'Voltron: Legendary Defender' Season 6 Trailer

Princess Allura in her new beautiful ballgown dress from Voltron Legendary Defender Princess Allura, Klance

Lance Deserved Better | Voltron Season 8 Talk [SPOILERS]

Watch Shadows. Episode 2 of Season 8.

Voltron's season 8 finale does, though, kind of hint at Allura continuing to exist in some form. When the Lions are departing at the end of the episode, ...

Lotor / Allura / Voltron